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We only use safe food and cosmetic grade materials along with bath certified dyes and micas. Please be sure to thoroughly ready through all of the ingredients to ensure that these are safe for you. All bath products are for external use only. Please keep in mind that they are not suitable for children under the age of 3. We recommend parent supervision especially during the “fizz” process. We add oils to our recipe so please use caution when exiting the bath as some surfaces may become slippery. Our classic bath bombs are best used within 6-9 months. Popping bath products up to 6 months. Please reach out to us if you need specific accommodations like allergies, etc. We will do everything that we can to get you what you want. Don’t forget to leave the scent(s) that you want in the personalization feature when you are choosing your item. Everything is handmade in the USA.

Our popping bath bombs take it to a new level of awesomeness. You'll experience the same wonderful experience that our bath products give you, BUT with a crazy popping feature. These bath treats are sure to make your next bath a whole lot more entertaining.

Thank you for your support! Due to 2020 I lost a career that I love. I decided to start making & selling bath products again. I’ve been making bath products for years and I’ve also owned a small online boutique since 2014.

Ingredients may include:
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Buttermilk Powder, SLSA/SCI, Corn Starch, Kaolin Clay, Cream of tarter, Grapeseed Oil. Polysorbate 80, Essential Oils/Fragrance, Coco Glucoside, FDA batch approved dyes, biodegradable glitter, Witch hazel, Isopropyl Alcohol, Cocoa butter, popping crystals, melt & pour soap, avocado oil, vegetable glycerin, castor oil

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