Elderberry Infused Wellness Bath Bombs & Bath Tea

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These typically 5-7 business days. The apple cider vinegar is infused into the sodium bicarbonate & takes awhile to completely dry.
Not every bath bomb is created equally!  All bath bombs are handcrafted and made in Minnesota using only clean FDA/Costmetic approved ingredients. Don't be fooled by "cheaper" bath products at the expense of your skin and health. Our standards and expectations are what set us apart from the "big box" products.  All batches are tested to ensure quality and safety.  

These are one of my best not so kept secrets & best sellers that my family has been using for years. These are perfect for maintenance or you can double down and use more frequently when you are starting to feel sick. Drop the detox bombs/bathtub Tea into a full hot bath and enjoy the scent of Good Samaritan and a hint of lavender (some know this as Thieves oil). In addition you can add more, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), epsom salt & hydrogen peroxide for an added boost. Please note that I am not a medical professional & do not claim that these will cure you of any ailments. We do not recommend to children under the age of 5. This is not a replacement for medicine and/or cure for any type of health ailment.

*Please note that we add organic dried ginger to this recipe. Its purpose is to raise your body temperature to help sweat out sweat out all of your toxins.

Do not use these more than 3 days in a row. Works best if you have not had a regular bath/shower within 12 hours of your bath.  
All bath products are for external use only & use only as directed. Please keep in mind that they are not suitable for children under the age of 5. We add oils to our recipe so please use caution when exiting the bath/shower as some surfaces may become slippery.  "Caution- Use only as directed. Discontinue use if rash, redness, or itching occur. Consult your physician if irritation persists. Keep out of the reach of children & pets". 
Our classic bath & shower bombs are best used within 9-12 months. Please reach out to us if you need specific accommodations like allergies, etc. We will do everything that we can to get you what you want. 

Please be sure to thoroughly ready through all of the ingredients to ensure that these are safe for you.  
Ingredients include:
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother), Organic Dried Elderberries, Buttermilk Powder, Avocado Oil, Deep Sea Authentic Hawiian Kona Salt & Sea Salt, Polysorbate 80, SCI, Organic Essential Oil, Kaolin Clay, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Alginate, Coco Glucoside, Corn Starch, Isopropyl Alcohol, & Distilled Water

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